Club Orders

We offer clubs and teams the possibility of placing their custom kit order through our online shop.

  1. The club/team selects the items that they want to propose to it's members.
  2. A design will be created and approved with our design team.
  3. A private club/team shop collection will be set up under the club/team name and a personal password created for the club/team members.
  4. A dedicated length of time will be decided where members can order from the shop. (2 weeks approx)
  5. Once the deadline is reached, the order will be placed into production and will be ready in 40 days max. MOQ will need to be reached also. This is 10 items for Elite/Corsa and 7 for PRO range.
  6. The order can be delivered to one location or it can be delivered to individual members with an extra postage fee for each member.