About us


Velotec Ltd specialises in the manufacturing of premium quality cycling and triathlon wear. Velotec was established in 2005 by former international cyclist Padraic Quinn, who has a wealth of experience in road & track cycling and more recently gravel racing. Knowing just how cycling kit and skin-suits are supposed to fit, Padraic wanted to design a cycling and sportswear line that would fulfill the demands of both pro racers and leisure riders. Each item in the Velotec collection is meticulously designed for a specific purpose and crafted from the finest quality materials."

From the beginning, we aimed to become an industry leader in cycling and sportswear, and since then, our efforts have led to many achievements. Cutting-edge designs and a deep understanding of athletes' specific needs for racing have been essential to all our products. We know firsthand how every detail in racing counts, especially when it comes to speed and comfort.

Velotec began developing its speed wear line in 2015, and since then, continuous research and dedication have transformed it into one of our most successful products.. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry and racing has resulted in our speed wear being used for wins in world championships on road, track and by Gold winning Olympians.


At Velotec, it’s not only our mission to create outstanding sportswear, but it’s also our philosophy to uphold leading standards in the industry. We offer personal consultations and advice to our customers to ensure they purchase the right sportswear for their specific activity. We want our gear to perform in every facet, whether it’s racing, commuting or just riding. It’s all part of our philosophy to provide our customers with top quality sportswear and phenomenal customer service.

As part of our mission to provide the best sportswear, we also strive to be out front in cutting-edge materials and designs. Our research and development teams are always working to find, test and develop sportswear that will outperform in the industry. We have invested considerable time to bring our customers the ultimate in high-tech performance racewear; specifically track and road racing.

Custom Cycle Wear and Accessories

Velotec offers a wide range of quality custom cycling, triathlon, track, cyclocross and running clothing. In addition to our custom cycling team gear, we also customize club teams’ sportswear and other team clothing. Our product range also includes casual wear and accessories. We proudly produce our own VELOTEC® sportswear in the Veneto region in Italy--a region that has been producing cycling clothing for over 50 years.

We source our fabrics and materials from the best Italian and Swiss producers of Lycra and pads. Every year we upgrade and or change our collections to provide only the latest in exceptional materials, design, and improved comfort.

We want our customers completely satisfied with our products but we also want them to feel they are getting premium quality sportswear at a fair price. We understand how sportswear can be expensive,especially if it doesn’t last or meet expectations. Our promise is to exceed expectations and ensure that our sportswear withstands the rigors of sport performance and time better than the rest.

Our reputation is tantamount, and we understand that our customers are keys to our success and longevity. Along with our reputation, is the pride we take in our efforts to decrease our carbon footprint; and hence, we deliver directly to our customers to minimize car trips to the store.

B2B - Whitelabel

Have you ever thought of having your own clothing collection?

Among our many endeavors, we also provide a white label service for aspiring designers. Tell us your ideas or give us your custom drawings and specs and let us manufacture your designs. Sometimes sourcing materials and manufacturing the right product can be completely daunting to people or businesses looking to launch new products. Let us help simplify that part of the equation.