PRO8+ Aero Testing

PRO8+ Aero Testing

PRO8+ vs PRO8 

The PRO8 has been our fastest suit for our number of years now. However we wanted to squeeze even more watts, and thus started working on the PRO8+.

The testing at the Silverstone wind tunnel in August provided some promising data on the progress of our newest suit the PRO8+. Interestingly it also proved that the PRO8 is still really competitive and on this occasion it was even faster than a couple other suits with aero base layers.

Crucially the data showed that the latest PRO8+ is a step up in aero savings compared to our already super fast PRO8 across all yaw angles at the tested speeds of 45 and 50km/h. The highest wattage savings were recorded as 6.5 watts, at 50km/h and zero degrees of yaw. A noticeable improvement!

PRO8 vs Competitors

The biggest surprise in testing came from the comparison of the PRO8+ with the competitors that included base layers. The competitor suit combined with their own aero base layer was slower than all of our PRO8 models. However the competitor suit was faster with an aero base layer than without, so the base layer evidently does provide improvements in certain scenarios. For this reason, we have a suit optimised for use with an aero base layer coming very soon. 

In comparing the competitor against our Velotec PRO8 models we noted that the greatest differences were also at 50km/h and zero degrees of yaw. The competitor suit and base layer tested a massive 16.75 watts slower when compared to the new PRO8+, and a little over 10 watts slower than the tried and tested PRO8. 

The testing clearly showed that the Velotec PRO8 and PRO8+ suits are considerably more aerodynamic. So not only are the PRO8 and PRO8+ some of the fastest suits on the market, they are also the lightest and coolest, with no need for an additional base layer that adds heat and discomfort.

Below you can find an insight into a day at the wind tunnel with our Velotec athlete Joe Laverick. Below you will also find charts of out test data.  


Aero Test Data