The Ultimate Guide to Men's Cycling Clothing

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Cycling Clothing

In recent years cycling has become ever more focused on fashion, style and comfort, both on and off the bike. From what simply used to be functional clothing has now evolved into an expression of one's cycling identity. 

Of late, cyclists have been spoiled for choice in the amount of clothing brands, but also the amount of specialist clothing products on offer. Gone are the days of limited product lines, where the best cycling clothes were poorly fitting and baggy. Those new to the sport may be unfamiliar with such road bicycle kits, however those that have been riding for decades have certainly seen the improvements. 

Often cycling clothes for beginners was a relatively easy purchase, but now it has become a minefield in knowing what to choose, hence why we have created the ultimate guide to men’s cycling clothing. 

What to look for in a road bicycle kits - Bib Shorts

When it comes to selecting a road cycling outfit the most important item to start with is the bib shorts. A good pair of bib shorts will go a long way in keeping you comfortable for long days on the bike and is worth a little more investment. The three most important things to consider here are the fit, the chamois pad and the materials used. Essentially with fit you want to look for a close tight fit to the skin that avoids any bunching of material in the crotch or hip area, with the ideal length of the shorts coming approx 5 to 10 cm from your knee joint/patella. Fit can be hard to ascertain when purchasing online, as such it's preferable to be able to try on clothing in person, at Velotec we offer this through our flagship Girona Retail Store, however if you don’t have the chance to visit us our flexible online returns policy allows items to be returned/exchanged for fit/sizing issues. 

Beyond fit, the chamois pad is also extremely important for remaining in comfort, the chamois pad is the primary contact between you and the saddle, helping to distribute pressure. Our stance at Velotec is that Elastic Interface Chamois Pads are market leaders offering unbeaten comfort, and for this reason we use the Endurance 2.5 model in our Elite Bib shorts range, including the Men's Elite Aero Bib Shorts. However even if not choosing a Velotec product we still would suggest you looking at bib shorts that use Elastic Interface Pads. 

The third thing to consider is the material used for the shorts and the colour. This is important in maintaining style on the bike. Deep dyed fabrics are the go to choice these days for the best cycling clothes, from a looks perspective it means you get much darker and richer colours in the materials, and when stretched the colour does not fade, these deep dyed materials are also more resistant to wear and fading, ultimately meaning your bib shorts will stay looking fresher for longer. A simple stretch test is a good way to confirm whether or not the shorts are deep dyed or not, if there is a noticeable fade in colour then most likely the shorts are sublimated. 

What to look for in a road bicycle kits - Jerseys

Beyond being just functional, cycling jerseys have become more and more of a fashion item in recent years, with the number of designs, colours and styles nearly limitless. For even the hardened expert it can be hard to choose with the amount of options on the market. 

Prior to colour or design it is important to consider the cut of the jersey and also the materials that are used. The latter is important depending on the temperature range you are riding in. Materials have improved a lot over the last decade and it is very rare to find low quality materials. Most modern jerseys are usually made from some sort of sweat wicking or breathable fabric, however some are more optimised for hotter conditions with others being more insulating for colder temperatures. Examples within our Velotec range would be the PRO Superlight (optimised for summer), and the Elite LN being a little better in the 15-25 degree range. 

A correctly fitting jersey is important for comfort, looking good and also being faster on the bike. Fit between brands and models can vary greatly, hence why it's important to either purchase somewhere with flexible returns, or be able to try items on in person to ascertain the best fit. Cycling jerseys are supposed to be a close fit with limited wrinkling, excess material or bagginess. A jersey should in no way be squeezing you to death, however a tight fit ensures you look “Pro”, and also that you are as aero as possible. Aerodynamic drag is one of the main forces acting against a cyclist, and as such a loose jersey is sure to slow you down. 

Colour always comes down to individual preference, and fashion trends seem to change quicker than the seasons. However there are always classic colours that are sure to keep you looking good despite the changes in trends. If you are considering purchasing cycling clothes as a beginner then we would suggest block colours. These colours may never be the peak of fashion but they will never be unfashionable. Simple colours like black, navy blue, light blue or dark green will never go out of style. 

Cycling gear for beginners is never an easy choice and it can be tough to select when you are coming in with little to no experience. We hope this little guide provides you with a little more information in making a purchase. As always at Velotec we are happy to field any questions or queries via our website contact form or through our social media channels.