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Custom road cycling wear offered in three levels: PRO, CORSA and ELITE. Velotec provide a fast delivery service, low minimum orders and a professional design service.

Velotec's premium Elite range is manufactured in Italy using the best materials to provide comfort, performance and durability. The whole production takes place on site in the Veneto region of Northern Italy.

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Velotec offers two levels of custom track wear. The PRO range and a  high end ELITE range. The track range is designed to offer excellent aerodynamics, comfort and breathability. 

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Custom Tri & Run

Velotec offers a complete range of Custom Tri & Run Wear. The Velotec Elite tri wear is made using the best quality materials and is designed by professional athletes 

Tri & Run

Retail collection

The recent addition of a small retail collection is a new venture for us. We want to showcase our passion for design. We have been producing a premium custom product for individual clubs and companies for over 10 years, so we hope you like our designs. We certainly enjoyed the design process.