Enviromental commitment

Velotec has been working tirelessly to improve and continue our mission to create high performance
cycling wear that is also environmentally friendly. We strive to provide our customers with sustainable
products they will enjoy wearing and feel good about purchasing. Our goal is to make the entire
process of production eco-friendly and for Velotec to be the brand leader in sustainably sound,
environmentally conscious, cycling apparel.

As our cycling apparel line continues to grow so does our promise and dedication to using recycled and
environmentally friendly materials. Our collection of apparel made from recycled plastic, is ever-
expanding and so is the demand for this type of product. Recycled Lycra has become more accessible,
which has helped significantly in our efforts to manufacture the type of environmentally friendly
products we wish to create and offer to our customers.

Knowledge is also key when it comes to efforts to protect the environment. Many people want to help
but are sometimes unaware of the best practices or products to buy. Velotec works to educate the
public and our customers on the best methods to preserve and protect their cycling apparel. We
recommend using only non-bio washing powder. Regular bio washing powder, and particularly liquid
seems to break down Lycra.
We want customers to know that washing your cycling kit with the right detergent will help the
environment by not breaking down chemicals in the Lycra that get washed into our water. By doing
this, it will also make a kit look better and last longer. Using an environmentally friendly product, and
less than the recommended amount of detergent, if possible, also helps protect the environment and
preserves clothing. The longer we can keep the kit looking and feeling new, the better; and if it helps
the environment, we can all be happier.
We listened to our customers, and found that the demand for environmentally sustainable clothing has
significantly increased. Our Corsa line of apparel has made its way to being one of the most popular in
our Eco-friendly lines, and we now offer a full collection of both summer and winter items in this

There are many parts to protecting the environment, and so many factors play a role in truly making a
difference and being part of the solution, especially in the world of apparel. At Velotec, we understand
that we must take into consideration so much more than just recycling and our choice of materials
when designing and manufacturing our products. Therefore, Velotec has made the decision to work
strictly with environmentally conscious, and ethically monitored European based production facilities
in Italy and Poland. These facilities use locally sourced Lycra from companies like Sitip, MITI and
Carvico who are also key industry partners in environmentally sustainable production. We ship directly from the production to the customer, mostly overland


  •  BICIMANIA-ECO® fabrics
  •  SITIP ECO® pirata (sleeves)
  • ITALY MITI® Timeout green
  •  ITALY MITI® green

Our commitment to the sport of cycling and the environment goes further than just our products. Next
season Velotec will be sponsoring a US/Canadian women’s team who are major champions of
sustainability and protecting the environment. We will be involved in outfitting the entire team with
special kits made from recycled materials.
We are concentrating our efforts on every facet of what we do and the principles we represent; green
or otherwise. We strive to make a difference and know every day we can feel good about our products,
business and imprint we leave behind.