Pro Aero Speed-suit

Price: $ 140.00

The price is exclusive of VAT. Custom duties may apply.


The PRO Aero speed-suit is ideal for track and road. It is designed in order to maximize aerodynamics in the time trial position. It has a compression fit combined with specific materials that improves aerodynamics. This is our most popular speedsuit as it has being successfully worn by multiple British and Irish national titles & recorder holders.

It's still one of the fastest and the best value suit on the market (tested Dec 2019). The forgiving striped material makes it the ideal off the shelf suit.

Individual suits available on our online shop.

Key Features

  • Elasticated bands

  • Lazor cut sleeves

  • Light weight

  • Legs fully customisable

  • Dolomiti Italian gel chamois pad

  • Made in Italy

  • UCI legal

  • The price is based on a qty of 7


  • Pocket/s +€5
  • Integrated number pocket/s + €25 (RTTC / UCI)+ €25
  • SS / 3/4 Sleeve / LS skinsuit


4 - 7 WEEKS