The Guide to Designing your own Team Wear

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Where to start with designing your own team wear? Should you think design concept or logos first? Well that will depend on the logo you're working with.

Corporate logos generally tend to be easy on the eye and these logos look well on a simplistic and minimalistic design.

Local business logos on the other hand tend to be more challenging to work with as these logos are usually 'busier' than a corporate logo. So how can you make this work? Well, when paired with some ideas from vintage designs, these logos can work really well on a cycling kit.

Another important element to keep in mind is having continuity between the top and bottom of your kit. As a rule, black shorts generally work well with most designs.

Getting deeper into aesthetics, you may have some questions like, does the kit look well on the road? Does it have a slimming or the opposite? If this is an important factor in your design remember it is never a good idea to make the front panel that covers the stomach area the most visible of the whole design. This is not flattering and will serve no major purpose from a safety aspect.

In choosing colours, it is better to have brighter colours on shoulders/side panels or lower back. Your cycling kit needs to be visible to other road users, so bright colours are vital here. Even if you  going for the stealth look, at the very least  you should ensure you fit some bright lights on your equipment for both day and night.

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