Cycling weekly tested our "Elite sport" Geometrica jersey

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Despite its Elite nomenclature, Velotec describes the Velotec Elite Sport Geometrica jersey as a regular-fit sportif jersey, suitable for every rider. With this in mind, the emphasis is on comfort and the Velotec Elite Sport Geometrica jersey certainly isn’t uncomfortable when on the bike. According to Velotec, it uses a textured microfibre that gives the greatest comfort and breathability. 

The jersey is comfortable to wear and it feels soft to the touch, which happily means there isn’t any chafing or discomfort when riding. It looks good, too, and the minimal design on the blue jersey doesn’t look garish despite the bright colours. 

I often find fit to be a tricky thing with cycling jerseys, a problem that I freely admit is probably down to my skinny, matchstick arms. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that the sleeves of the Velotec Geometrica jersey fit well, something Velotec says it has deliberately done using elastic arm grippers to ensure a tight fit.

So, the fit is part way there and perhaps those with a broader chest wouldn’t have an issue, but in the size small (my usual size) I had some fit issues. Having worn the jersey on the hottest days of the year so far, the breathability is good, but even it was overcome by the heat and at the end of each ride it was sodden with sweat. Happily, though, it never felt overly clammy or wet when actually on the bike.

In terms of technical features, it’s as you’d expect. The three pockets across the back held my precious goods no bother and the long front zip made additional ventilation nice and easy.


With a great fit on the arms but a slightly saggy chest, the cut seems part way there for those who aren't so broad. However, good pockets and a long zip plus a nice design redeem the jersey.

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