Cycling Kit: The Essential items

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You're making your first purchases in world of cycling wear, but you don't know where to start. To get you started, you can't go wrong with a short sleeve jersey made from breathable material.

A technical jersey made with a high wicking fabric will keep you dry and cool. Jerseys can be worn nearly all year round too, from early spring right through to late autumn. For cooler days, as part of a layering system, a jersey can be paired with a gilet and arm warmers, so you never need to worry about feeling the chill.

Naturally, fit is a personal thing, but it also depends on the style of riding you do. If it's racing, then tighter and more aero fitting jerseys are going to be a better option for you. If it is sportives, then a more regular fit is appropriate.

An important thing to remember is that a cycling jersey is designed for when you are in a cycling position, not a standing position. So, it's important to consider this when you are trying your jersey on for size.

Next on your list is a good pair of bib shorts.The chamois is important and you need to ensure you get shorts that suit you. Personally,  we prefer Italian chamois quality.

An inner vest is also an essential item. Inner vests made of mesh material are the best. Take our advice, you will be glad you bought it when you stop mid ride for a coffee or a mechanical. These vests don't hold moisture like other materials and they dry very quickly. If you are unfortunate enough to end up on the tarmac, it will also save your skin.

If you decide you want to ride in the early Spring, late Autumn or even Winter. A pair of roubaix/thermal bib tights and a similar material long sleeve jersey are an essential for you. These will keep you warm enough to power through most days.

When it comes to a rain jacket, you can spend a small fortune on a good waterproof material rain jacket. But you'll be glad to hear a standard rain jacket made from a cheaper polyester material will keep you dry. You will perspire more underneath and could feel cold when you remove it, but this is where the dry mesh vest should save the day again.

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